Snow Days

My Story

Everyone I know dreads the snow coming. All the hassle it causes with disruption to travel, disruption to the schools which therefore disrupts people from going to work. And that's if they can make it to work anyway.  I'm rather lucky in that my morning commute is walking from the bedroom down to the office! And with most weddings booked for the spring/summer the snow doesn't really cause many problems. Apart from a few things arriving in the post a few days later than planned. But that's never really a big enough problem to lose any sleep over.

With all that said, I always pray we get a good covering which we rarely do. So I grabbed the camera and Amelia and went for a walk round our home village.

The snow does cause so much disruption, but it's great to take a step back, stop worrying and admire the beauty it brings.


Danielle & Rob – Inn on the Lake

Back in October I had the pleasure of covering Danielle & Rob's wedding day. I started at bridal prep as the bridal party got ready. Danielle and Rob then travelled to the Archbishops Palace in Maidstone for the wedding ceremony. They were joined by a small number...

Steff & James – Barnyard Twilight Wedding

2020 has not been the year we all hoped it would be, but one plus is that I got to photograph at The Barnyard's new setup for twilight weddings. Steff and James married inside the new Apple Barn at The Barnyard in Upchurch. It was a wet morning but the weather...

Hannah & Olly – Redlibbets Golf Club

The last 6 months haven't been easy. It's really difficult to see your calendar getting emptier and emptier as the days go by. A few glimmers of light carry you through. To say I was excited to shoot Hannah and Olly's wedding was an understatement. Me and Hannah had...