Spring time with Amelia 2019

My Story

Oh, how I love spring. I love the nights getting lighter, the clocks going forward and the BLOSSOM. This time of the year we're usually whisking Amelia off to bluebell woods for some photos. But this year we tried to do something a little bit different. Having spend about half a day (seriously...) googling places that were ideal for this shoot, I got frustrated and put the idea to one side.

A week later, we went for a family walk somewhere really local to where we live. We spotted this lovely orchard, with nice straight lines of trees full of blossom. Spend ages looking and the location was under our noses all the time.

There's not many photographs to share as Amelia was being a bit of a pickle (it's very difficult to get a 4 year old to stand still!) but here's a couple of what we achieved. The top photo is actually 9 images stitched together to really separate Amelia from the background. The second is my absolute favourite. Please click on the images to view them full size.

A stitch of 9 separate images create this one photograph

Amelia in the blossom orchard

Here's a few we managed to take using the small blossom tree at the end of our driveway!

This pose though! Amelia does this without any prompt from me!

Forever sticking her tongue out!

Cheeky Grin!

Next up, shots of Josh as he's now up and walking. Watch this space.


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